Professional Xact from Kai dressmaking scissors


Most probably the best on the market for cutting Lycra!

The dressmaking shears ‘Professional’ Xact from KAI with micro-serration are ideal when you need to cut silk or synthetic fibres. The special additional grinding of the blades consistently prevents difficult fabrics from slipping, Which means one thing…. Hello to cutting Lycra!,they are worth every penny.

These are not to be confused with the regular Kai Scissors that cut general fabric…

The precision forged blades are made from rust-proof stainless steel and mounted in such a balanced way that the scissor blades of the dressmaking shears meet at only one point, which prevents the fabric from slipping. The soft handles of these dressmaking shears, with the extra space for several fingers, ensure pleasurable work as much less effort is required for cutting.

Choose between the 21cm or the 25cm


Prym 21cm, Prym 25cm

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