26.6ml e6000 Plus Glue with nozzle


E6000 Plus, No odour!  waterproof and strong. Amazing glue for applying Crystals.

If you are embellishing your costume with Crystals then this a fantastic glue . It offers the same performance as the regular E6000 but without the odour!

The waterproof formula and all-weather performance make this glue ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Excellent adhesion to many things but most importantly for us on this site…. Crystals!.

The cure time is between 24 to 72 hours, However I have used this glue many times and I find that 24 hours curing on the Dolly board and then its good to go. However on a hot day it will take longer.

The glue drys clear, and remember you only need a tiny bit.

Top tip: put a tiny bit of glue onto your costume, (not the crystal) have your crystals face up and ready to be used by the dotting tool and then pop your crystal in place.


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