Italian net contains Formaldehyde 150cm wide


Italian net for the pancake Tutu 150cm wide

Contains Formaldehyde.

This is a new net that I am stocking due to the UK not producing net with the stiffener in it (formaldehyde). These nets are perfect  for the Pancake Tutu. 150cm wide.


I would make most of the Tutu skirt out of the 40 denier and I would use the 60 Denier for the supporting layers (hoop layer) and the layer above and below it.



40 Denier

60 Denier

made from 100% Nylon

contains Formaldehyde.


White 40 Denier, White 60 Denier, baby pink 40 denier, ballet pink 40 denier, ivory seta 60 denier, Lilac 40 Denier, Royal Blue 40 Denier

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