Power Mesh


4 way stretch Lycra, ideal for dancewear and stagewear.

Please select the metres with the quantity selector (for example – 1 quantity = 1 metre)  

4 way stretch power mesh, ideal for dance wear and stage wear. All of this Powermesh is beautiful quality, You will see that some is £9.95 a meter and some is £10.95 (that is because I bought some before all the import taxes went up…  the £10.95 is a new line to me from Funki-fabrics. However the quality of both the mesh is the same. I have had to increase the price by £1 a meter

If you are looking for a perfectly matched Lycra to match your mesh, please look at the lycra section.

I am going to be buying lycra and powermesh that  match to help you with your shopping experience, If you are unsure please message me.


Composition – 84% Polyester 16% Spandex
Dimensions – Approx. 150cm wide

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