Embellishment Dolly Board ‘BEST SELLER”


These dolly boards are a complete game changer for anyone that is embellishing a leotard, especially in todays fast paced world when you have one eye on the clock. The boards help you to complete your project with speed.

“My customers love them”

These dolly boards are a complete game changer when it comes to embellishing your leotards . Just stretch your leotard onto the board and you are ready to go. The boards are smooth and strong and treated properly should last you years (mine have). No more gems falling all over the floor. This board keeps your leotards flat and stretched for precision decorating. They come in 6 sizes. age 4/6, age 7/10, age 11/14,  Small Ladies ( this is approx size 6 to 12) the hour glass which is ladies size 14/18, and then there is the queen’z board which is designed for male drag Queens. The shoulders on this one are slightly broader.

Please note that there may be laser marks on the back of the boards , this is where they are cut by the machine and can’t be helped, they don’t effect the board performance in any way.

Happy Blinging.

The Whopper pack saves you £56.60!

The bumper pack contains age 4/6, age 7/10, age 11/14, and the small ladies. The saving made for this deal is £24.80!

The bumper leg and arm pack saves you £21.80!



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