Fabri-Fuse E6000


Fabri-Fuse! a strong fantastic time saving glue for those that don’t like hand sewing appliqué on, Drys clear.

Available on back-order

This glue is amazing if you are not a fan of hand sewing Applique onto your costume, or you are up against the clock!.

Fabri-fuse is a tried and tested formula by others and myself!, once dry (and it dries clear) it still allows your costume to stretch…. now that is good news for costume makers working with lycra. However it isn’t just for lycra, its an amazing glue for most fabrics, even leather.

The cure time is 8 hours and then after 72 hours it is washer safe… however personally when a costume has had hours spent on it applying crystals and appliqué I definitely do not recommend putting it through the washing machine! I would always recommend sponging a mark off a costume instead, (but that’s only my opinion):)

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