TOTAL BEGINNERS CLASS 6TH APRIL 2024 £100 10.30am until 3pm


A fantastic class for anyone interested in making dance costumes! Aimed at the total beginner.

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What to Expect!

This class is tailored for the very beginner. It is an introduction into the world of costume making. We will cover measuring, pattern reading, and how to adjust the size of a pattern, We will also be looking at the sewing machine and the overlocker where demonstrations will be done. You will be encouraged to try the machines out. We will also talk about the design of a costume and what needs to be thought about when making a costume, including how to use the dolly board. There will be a fabric shop available. There will be lots of time for asking questions. All my classes are chilled and laid back. It is aimed at the beginner that is interested in learning all about dance costumes. The follow on to this course is called the next step class please see events for the information.

The event address is held in the beautiful village of Finningley Doncaster

The Finningley village Hall, Rectory Lane, Finningley, Doncaster, DN9 3DA

What to bring :


your lunch

a notepad and pen.

have a look at some of the reviews on the homepage.

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