NEW: Creative Costume Masterclass “UP YOUR GAME!” 16th/17th November 2024


UP YOUR GAME,  Learn how to stand out from the rest and give your costumes the edge!

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You will be making a leotard with cut-a-ways, straps, Overlays etc. This class is designed to teach you new skills that you need to bring your costumes to life and give you that extra edge! You will receive your Plain Lycra, Pattern and Training on the day. If you want to add Feathers, Crystals, Appliques etc these can be purchased on the weekend. If you have your own Lycra and Embellishments please feel free to bring them. I can only take 10 people on this Come sew with me masterclass and you must be able to make a basic leotard.
You will need to bring your overlocker and sewing machine, Matching thread (5 reels) to the colour of Lycra that you have chosen. All your Sewing tools (pins, needles, Scissors etc). Mannequin/ Dolly board (if you have these). I have two overlockers and two sewing machines that can be borrowed on a first come first served basis.
If you need to book an hotel stay most ladies stay at the premier in at Lakeside Doncaster.
the timetable is 10am until 4pm on Saturday the 16th of November 9am until 4pm on the 17th November.
The cost of the class is £350 This is Non refundable and non transferable
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