The Dolly Board Story.

Where the idea 

Whilst on holiday  I was looking for a bikini and I sauntered into a beach shop and noticed how they had displayed their beautiful costumes (stretched out flat and on a moulded acrylic stand). It was this that gave me the idea/inspiration to design my own board  when I got home so that a lycra costume could be stretched on it for the purpose of embellishing.

Putting the idea into motion

I decided to get some mock ups made as per my drawings and made a leotard in every size  to get the sizing right…It took quite a few attempts but in the end I was pleased with the results!


All I had to do now was figure out which size brackets to put the boards into because as we all know lycra has a good stretch. For example it is possible to get an age 6 leotard onto the age 7 to 10 Dolly Board but the age 6 will be a tighter fit, However the concept is the same as long as a leotard  can stretch onto the flat smooth dolly board then the amount of stretch is negligible.

Please see the Chart below to use as a guide when purchasing your board.

Other uses of the Dolly Board

Do you want to add a non stretch skirt onto your costume? all you have to do is position the leotard so that the waist is at maximum stretch over the hip of the board, then just tack your skirt onto the leotard.  The end result is a happy dancer that can pull it on over her hips easily.

Why the Dolly Board is a game changer

I didn’t pick this name my customers did! No more gems dropping onto the floor when trying to bling on a vertical mannequin…. remember time is money. Once you have one of these in your life you will never go back to blinging a costume without one again.

The board versus the cushion!

Before the boards came along people used to stuff a cushion into the leotard for hand sewing appliqué on but the only problem with that is it is very easy to accidentally sew the Leotard to the cushion! Im pleased to say that this will never happen using a Dolly board.


How To Bling

apply a small dot of your preferred glue onto the costume, take your dotting tool (also known as a gem pick up pen), pick up your sparkly crystal and place onto the glue. Leave 24 hours to 48 hrs to cure.

Dotting Pen

26.6ml e6000 Plus Glue with nozzle

Gem-Tac 59ml



Which size should you buy??

the boards were designed around the leotard and not the human body, please see the simple chart below to help you with your decision , (Remember Lycra is very stretchy and your leotard could be  in-between  2 board sizes so choose the one nearest to your measurements.

Age 4/6 Chest 23″ to 25″, Waist 21″ to 23″, Full hips 24″ to 26″, Girth 39″ to 43.5″

Age 7/10 Chest 26″ to 29″,Waist 22.5″ to 24.5″, Full hips 27″ to 30.5″, Girth 44.5″ to 51″

Age 11/14 Chest 30″ to 33″, Waist 25.5″ to 27″, Full hips 32″ to 36″, Girth 52″ to 58″

Small Ladies Chest 34″ to 39″, waist 28″ to 33″, Full hips 37″ to 41″, Girth 59″ to 61.5″

Hourglass  Chest 40″ to 44″, Waist 34″ to 38″, Full hips 42″ to 47″, Girth 62.5″ to 65″

The Queenz board Chest 46″ to 50″, waist 38″ to 44″, Full hips 46″to 48″, Girth 65″ to 69″

I hope you find the above blog useful.


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