Moons Thread 1000yds


I have been using Moons thread for years. The quality is good and they have an extensive colour palette. The thread is polyester Spun and is great for the sewing machine, Overlocker or for hand sewing. A good all rounder!.


Black, White, M0004 dark blue, M0005 cream, M001 royal blue, M0012 red, M0014 Grey, M0015 pink, M0021 Heather, M0024 Lilac, M0026 blue, M0029 AQUA, M003 yellow, M0031 Teal, M0035 wine, M0039 green, M0040 grey, M0041 beige, M0043 teal, M0044 green, M0046 red, M0051 Beige, M0053 brown, M0055 red, M0056 brown, M0059 beige, M0061 Green, M0067 green, M007 beige, M007 Brown, M0070 cream, M0073 orange, M0074 dark peach, M0077 Peach, M0078 Rust, M008 yellow, M0080 Beige, M0081 brown, M0082 silver grey, M0083 Grey, M0086 dark charcoal, M0092 Purple, M0093 pink, M0096 charcoal, M0097 Orange, M0098 yellow, M010 blue, M010 Orange, M0101 blue, M0102 dark blue, M0107 cream, M011 Ginger, M014 grey, M016 Peach, M017 red, m018 pink, M018 red, M0201 yellow, M0203 Coral, M0206 pink, M0209 Pale Pink, m021 pink, M0213 pink, M0218 Lilac, M0219 Lilac, M0221 Purple, M0223 green, M0224 Blue, M0228 Blue, M023 Burgandy, M0231 blue, M0231 Dark Teal, M0244 Pale grey, M025 Blue, M025 Purple, M027 blue, M028 blue, M029 blue, M030 blue, M032 Green, M034 Green, M037 brown, M051 beige, M0516 green, M0521 Dark Pink, M0533 green, M054 blue, M060 beige, M061 green, M063 blue, M065 Mint, M074 peach, M075 dusky pink, M076 Cream, M077 Cream, M079 Brick, M080 Beige, M084 Grey, M085 blue, M088 grey, M091 Purple, M092 purple, M094 pink, M095 brick, M096 Orange, M099 Cream, M100 Blue, M104 mint, M106 dark green, M109 dark beige, M110 grey, M110 khaki, M111 grey, M112 grey, M113 grey, M203 Orange, M205 Orange, M207 pink, M208 pink, M209 pink, M211 Pink, M212 pink, M214 Flame, M214 Orange, M217 red, M218 Lilac, M220 lilac, M220 pink, M222 Emerald green, M225 mint, M226 blue, M227 Blue, M228 blue, M229 blue, M230 blue, M230 Cream, M232 Blue, M234 blue, M235 blue, M236 blue, M237 beige, M238 cream, M239 Cream, M240 Cream, M241 Ginger, M243 grey, M244 grey, M245 grey, M246 grey, M247 grey, M248 grey, M249 caramel, M250 grey, M500 Purple, M502 purple, M515 pink, M521 pink, M531 green, M532 camel, M534 Neon Yellow, M561 Neon Orange, M564 neon pink, M565 neon green, matching thread, Natural, wine 0055


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