During Covid when everyone was locked down!,we cut and coloured our own hair etc (lol).  I spent endless hours using this spare time to make online costume making tutorials.

these cover so much!. I show in detail how costume making and Tutu making are done. these tutorials don’t have a limit so if this is what you want to learn you can rewind and play until your heart is content.

I have made these online tutorials fun and simple to watch, My dog even appears in them!

I have helped thousands of people learn valuable skills and time saving tips when it comes to costume and Tutu making.

The reviews for theses online tutorials have been amazing.

One of the things I had to overcome at some point in my life was zips (zippers). I would avoid these at all costs! so throwing Lycra into the mix was OMG! everything is a million times worse…. How do get around putting a structured (none stretch Zip) into a stretch fabric without the Lycra stretching and becoming a ridiculous mess?…. I made a online tutorial about this which is my favourite… Its a miracle tutorial!… it makes the whole process simple and easy! once you have watched this one you will never struggle putting a Zip into lycra again.

I also had plenty of time in Lockdown to test lots of different ways to be creative with Lycra dance costumes, the ‘let’s get creative one’ opens up your mind to different ways you can ‘UP YOUR GAME’ and make your costumes stand out from the rest.

I have put a link here to the online tutorials on my website, so go and have a look, enjoy yourself!.

Also I am running a UP YOUR GAME’ workshop in November I will put the link below for this. There are limited places on this class.

NEW: Creative Costume Masterclass “UP YOUR GAME!” 16th/17th November 2024

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