Enhancing Dance Costumes with Fabri-Fuse Glue: An Excellent Choice

In the world of sewing finding the right adhesive for fabric bonding is essential. If you’re on a quest for a reliable and versatile solution, look no further than E6000 Fabrifuse. This remarkable adhesive has gained huge popularity due to its exceptional bonding strength and resistance to various elements.. (washing and dry cleaning)… I haven’t tried this but apparently it does!  E6000 Fabrifuse is a specialized adhesive formulated specifically for fabric bonding. it is an adhesive powerhouse designed to bond fabric to fabric, fabric to leather, and fabric to other surfaces reliably and effectively. What sets Fabrifuse apart from its counterparts is its ability to maintain flexibility, making it ideal for use in areas that experience movement and stress ( dancing!)

The Unique Features of E6000 Fabri fuse:

Unparalleled Bonding Strength: E6000 Fabrifuse is an incredibly strong bond that holds up over time. Whether you’re working on sewing repairs, COSTUME DESIGN, APPLIQUÉS or any other fabric project, this adhesive ensures a durable and long-lasting hold. Flexibility: Fabrifuse remains flexible even after drying, allowing it to withstand STRETCHING, folding, and bending without compromising the bond. This is especially useful for fabrics that are subject to movement, ie LEOTARDS!  Applications of E6000 Fabri fuse:  Apparel and Costume Design: From hemming to repairing seams, Fabrifuse offers a convenient alternative to traditional sewing methods. It’s perfect for attaching patches, appliqués, or embellishments to clothing, giving your designs a unique, professional touch.

Application Techniques:

Apply a small amount of Fabrifuse to both surfaces you wish to bond, press them together firmly, and allow time for drying as per the instructions. Use clamps or pins to hold the fabric in place while the adhesive sets.  I like to squirt a bit of glue on my appliqué and the spread with with a small artist paintbrush. ( by these from anywhere, b&m, the range, or online etc.  My Conclusion…  E6000 Fabrifuse is a game-changer in the realm of fabric. It will save you a lot of time! E6000 Fabri fuse is definitely a fabric hero!

Check out my free tutorial on how I use this glue on appliqué:


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