Odif 505 Semi Permanent Spray Glue 500ml


A fantastic glue to help you when you are lining a costume, please read the full description.

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This 500ml can of semi permanent glue is just what is needed if you plan on lining your costume. I always recommend lining as sometimes under the stage lights it can throw un-wanted shadows on costumes.

Lycra is well known for being a very slippery hard to handle fabric and sometimes even for experienced sewers keeping two pieces of lycra together can be a task. This is where this semi permanent spray adhesive comes in. It will sandwich together the two pieces for just long enough for you to get it under your sewing machine.

top tip: When spraying this glue please remember that less is more…. meaning a couple of short bursts will do the job, if you go to heavy with the spray it will soak through and mark the other side of the lycra.

Having said that, when used sparingly its absolutely amazing!

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