Joel suit Pattern for Boys


Joel is a great boys sewing pattern, it comes in 16 sizes age 3 to age 18.

This pattern has been designed to create masculine lines for boys of all ages. I have made this suit up and it goes together perfectly, See the photos in the gallery. The possibilities are endless for this amazing pattern, it can be used as a character or it can be used as a Team costume, the choice is yours.

It comes in all sizes from Age 3 to age 18. One purchase will get you all the sizes, including the Tech pack, the measurement chart and the sewing instructions.

This pattern comes in either A0 or A4.

if you decide on the A0 it will need to be sent to a copy shop (1 x A0 sheet) or you can print the A4 on your own domestic printer and tile it yourself, each A4 sheet has a number on it to help you put it together.

once you purchase this pattern it will be emailed too the email address that you have provided so that you can download the links and save them.

Please send me your makes as I will be interested to see what you come up with and they might end up in the gallery.

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