Jett suit


Jett is a gorgeous Brand-new Design for Boys to Men. it comes in 15 sizes! (age 4 to age 18 )

Im very happy to present you with this gorgeous  new pattern that I have designed. It was  Originally inspired by an Harry styles costume but I changed what I needed to d0 to make this a versatile pattern for boys…… Because as we all know …  “Boys dance too” !   Its very important to me as a pattern maker to be able to develop fresh new patterns that are straight forward and easy to make up,  please see the photos in the gallery. this suit can be easily adapted to shorts, or the stripes can be omitted and different designs can be done on it you could also do a square neck and flares like Harry Styles wore.

Once you make the  purchase  you will receive all the downloads to your computer, so save them so you can access them easily. You can choose the A4 version and print it off on your home computer, (there is a handy layout plan to help you with the tiling), or you may want to choose the A0 version and have it printed at a copy shop. you will receive every size of the pattern (age 4 to age 18)

Hope you like it xx

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